R4i gold 3DS card Work on 3DS/3DS XL system V7.1.0-14U perfectly

R4i gold 3DS card can work on the 3DS/3DS XL system version 7.1.0-14U, 7.0.0-13U and all other versions of 3DS or 3DS XL.

R4i gold 3DS for 3DS / DS / DSL / DSi / DSi XL V1.4.5

3DS or 3DS XL consoles system can be further updated to V7.1.0-14 now. Its system stability and usability have been improved to enhance the user experience. After we test the R4i gold 3DS card on the 3DS V7.1.0-14U, it runs perfectly. It means that R4i gold 3DS card is not blocked by Nintendo 3DS firmware updates this time.

R4i gold 3DS card has become the most popular flash card. Also its official team released a new flash cart to play 3DS games, the R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition. With R4i gold 3DS Deluxe, you can not only play 3DS games on 3DS/3DS XL v4.1.0-4.5.0 or play DS games on 3DS/3DS XL v7.1.0-14/v7.0.0-13.



Can R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Work for 3DS 6.3.0- 12?

R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition from r4ids.cn can play 3DS games! It is a hot news! Many players are looking forward to 3DS flashcarts working for 3DS v6.3.0-12. Can R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Work for 3D6.3.0- 12?


R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition includes two cards. One golden card is named as R4i Gold 3DS starter. It acts as the real 3DS card, which enable players play 3DS games. Another blue card is actually an R4i gold 3DS card. Its real-time save, action replay cheat, WiFi game or DS ramble pak functions are all included.

That is to say, the R4i gold 3DS starter can support 3DS v4.1.0-4.5.0 to play 3DS games. The R4i gold 3DS blue card can work on 3DS 6.3.0-12 to play DS games.


Nintendo New Zelda 3DS XL Available on US

New Nintendo 3DS XL edition, New Zelda 3DS XL, will be available in US soon in order to celebrate the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds.

It is said that it costs about US$220 with game included. It will be released with the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds on November 22nd. 

Can flash card play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds? For now, there is a 3DS flashcart, Gateway 3DS, can play 3DS games. It is available on official reseller Dwtechz.com. You can prepare several Micro SD cards to play many 3DS games with the Gateway 3DS card.

Gateway 3DS card can play the hot 3DS game, Monster Hunter 4, but not The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Two Worlds currently. Other flasdhcarts, such as R4i gold 3DS, Supercard DStwo, can play hot DS game, such as Pokemon white 2 and Pokemon black 2.


Gateway 3DS SD Card Covers Design

Gateway 3DS cards players have come to a new idea that they begin to design mini covers with game icons for the SD card Adapters.

With Gateway 3DS card, you can play a lot of 3DS games, such as Luigi Mansion, Zelda etc., which have been tested by its official reseller Dwtechz.com. Those 3DS games should be released before March 25, 2013 as 3DS 5.0.0 firmware was released at that time. We know that Gateway 3DS should be work on 3DS firmware 4.1–4.5. However, Gateway 3DS flashcard can only allow us to play one 3DS game with one Micro SD card.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team

Resident Evil Revelations

Project X Zone

Then some player from GBAtemp decides to print the game icons on the Micro SD card adatpers which hold Micro SD cards. That’s interesting! If you have bought a Gateway 3DS card, you can put the game covers on your SD card adapters one by one in case of confusing.

Source: http://gbatemp.net/threads/gateway-3ds-sd-card-covers.354183/

Gateway 3DS Card Hands-on Experience for Playing 3DS Roms

We are appreciated that we get the Gateway 3DS card from www.dwtechz.com. There is a Gateway logo on the box. Open the plastic box, one blue and one red sticker with Gateway logo are on two cartridges. Then we try to set it up to play a 3DS game.

Things for preparation:

a. 3DS console (Firmware version 4.1—4.5) (It includes a SD card inside. )

b. Gateway 3DS flashcarts

Gateway 3DS Card

Gateway 3DS Cards

The backside of Gateway 3DS cards is below:

Gateway 3DS Red Cart

Gateway 3DS Red Cart

Gateway 3DS Blue Card

Gateway 3DS Blue Card

c. Micro SD card (4GB or 8GB is ok.)

d. a 3DS rom pre-downloaded in another Micro SD card (Mario Kart 7)

Then we can begin to install the Gateway 3DS for 3DS games.

  1. Download its firmware Gateway 3DS Firmware V1.1A and unzip it.
  2. Take out the SD card from the 3DS console. Open the folder “GW Release” and copy the “Launcher.dat” into the SD card of the 3DS console. Then put the SD card back to 3DS.
  3. Open “Blue Card (R4i)” folder and drag the files into another Micro SD card (This memory card is used for the blue cart)
  4. Put the blue card into the console and choose the “GW_INSTALL.nds” file to run the Gateway installer.
  5. Click on the “Home” button to back to the main interface

Then we should read the exploit on the 3DS by clicking on “System Setting”, “Other Setting”, “Profile”, “Nintendo DS Profile”.

The next is to backup the 3DS rom to the Micro SD card. Download Win32 Disk Imager or download the Mac OS 3DS SD Imager Tool from its official site. Write the 3DS rom , Mario Kart 7, into the memory card. Then we can enjoy the 3DS rom with the Gateway 3DS card.

Tips: If we turn off the 3DS console or take out the red Gateway 3DS card, we should repeat the process of reading the exploit with the blue cart. (We should read the exploit on the 3DS by clicking on “System Setting”, “Other Setting”, “Profile”, “Nintendo DS Profile”.)

How to Use 3DS Rom Tool for Gateway 3DS Card

Gateway 3DS card can play 3DS games, some of which has been tested by its official reseller www.dwtechz.comIt is a good news for 3DS games funs. However, some 3DS games are very big, for example, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is 219G. It is not convenient for players to get a lot of high capacity MicroSD cards to play 3DS games. 3DS Rom tool is used for reading and trimming games.

Change log of 3DS Rom tool Ver.2.8:

* NCSD partitions are now extracted to a directory
3DS Rom tool Ver.2.8 Download link: http://filetrip.net/d32322-3DS-ROM-Tool-2-8.html

How to Use 3DS Rom Tool for Gateway 3DS Card, you can refer to the tips below:

The 3DS Rom tool is a command line tool, so you have to use cmd.

View ROM/NAND Dump Info: rom_tool -i Test.3ds

Extract ROM Partitions: rom_tool -x Test.3ds

Trim ROM: rom_tool -t Test.3ds

Super Trim ROM (Permanently remove update partition): rom_tool -s Test.3ds

Restore ROM (Untrim): rom_tool -r Test.3ds

Gateway 3DS carts have been tested, which runs 3DS games successfully after using the 3DS Rom tool. You can download 3DS roms and modified by the 3DS rom tool. Then enjoy 3DS games with Gateway 3DS!